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Nimbin was a definite highlight of my trip into the mountains of central New South Wales. It used to be an unremarkable country town, where people just raised their kids till they grew up and left for the big cities, and then slipped into old age much as their parents had done before them. Then the Aquarius Music and Art Festival came to town. This was in 1973 and the town changed forever...
Nimbin is in the dreamily-named 'Rainbow Region' of New South Wales, an  area of Australia that has taken care of the Bundjalung, Nimbinjee and Whiyabul peoples since their time began. It may be that the town of Nimbin has taken its name from the Nimbinjee people. Several native Australians were in town when I visited.
Nimbin is a unique place in Australia attracting a vibrant counter-culture of artists, musicians, writers, horticulturalists and shamanic practitioners.
I found the people here very friendly, courteous and respectful. On another day I would have liked to stop-a-while.

Nimbin is twinned with the legendary Woodstock in New York State.

The Aquarius Festival

The Aquarius Legacy
Nimbin MardiGrass Festival
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Nimbin ~ Australia's most famous hippie destination

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