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UK Probe International
With immaculate timing (see yesterday's item:  Cathedral says new rules mean permanent scaffolding)
the unsightly scold's bridle that has suppressed St Mary's church at Garsington for too long has been removed. Now, I understand they need another 100,000 smackers to fix the crumbling windows. The delightful carved dragon heads on the exterior south elevation - which guarded the pathway to the main door - have had their mouths smashed off.

A rare white stag has been observed on the west coast of the Highlands


The unmissable, brilliant conference that is PROBE INTERNATIONAL has adjusted its timetable for the March show:
Speakers are: Jeff Merrifield, David Caton, Matthew Delooze, Jeff Moran, Neil Hague, Nigel Mortimer, Nathan Sarea, Frank Willis, Richard Lawrence and David Boyle.
To get the full SP please click here

Do Immortals walk among us?

Tiger country may now be elsewhere
When I lived in Australia I knew a bushman there who told me that CALM rangers who he knew came across Thylacine spraints from time to time - and that's in the vast forests of south Western Australia.


10th February

Following on from their germinal 'Faraday' experiments (assaults) on the energetic arteries of Albion targeting such meridians as St Michael's Mount, St Michael's tower (Glastonbury Tor-us), Silbury Hill, Avebury, Sinodun Hill, St Michael and All Angels (Clifton Hampden) and St Mary's (Garsington) English Heritage now takes aim at the great cathedrals of Christianity.
Cathedral says new rules mean permanent scaffolding
~ Thanks to Ben Fairhall for the nod
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In The Marian Fields Part Four
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Mary Crop Circle
The St Michael Line from Marsh Baldon to Garsington
Report on the 13th Annual International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival in Nevada

Russian Freemasonry
A fascinating peek into the origins of Russia and its masonic history.


DNA Found to Have "Impossible" Telepathic Properties

Enter the Labrynth
Another rare talented interviewer is Greg, from Occult of Personality. Here he interviews Steve Willner of 'Labyrinth of the Psychonaut'.

Joker's Wild: Part II
'Through the Looking Glass' notes more dark consistencies with the death of HAL.

"Discovery Health's show "Mystery ER" is looking for compelling medical mystery stories to feature this season.
If you would like to share any story ideas or help me find doctors and patients that have a medical mystery story (or who would like to aid in my search to find some) please me give me a call or send an email and I'll get back to you or them quickly.

Thanks very much. We're diligently researching."

Sincerely, Mike Webster
Mystery ER
Discovery Health Channel
Mike Mathis Productions
87 N. Raymond Street, Suite 400
Pasadena, CA 91103
Phone: 626-535-0868 x. 290
Email: mwebster@mikemathisprods.com


9th February

Empire on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
I didn't know the MIBs in Jim Templeton's 'Solway Firth spaceman' case (an event that possibly has links with experiences of mine - see Dogged Days Part 5) referred to themselves as '9' and '11':
"I should have sourced that. It's from Jim Keith's 1997 book, Casebook on the Men in Black: "They picked up Templeton in a Jaguar, and wore dark business suits, flashing official-looking ID cards. They did not, however, give their names, referring to each other only as '9' and '11.'" (page 179)." ~ author of this article, Jeff Wells

What beauty:
Lord of the Dance
Everything in the Riverdance spectacle is truly transformational, shamanistic and charming - an interdimensional journey to music. I love it.

Immigration and Saving Petrol

Enormous crop circle formed in max. 1h and 45 min.

2008: A Film Odyssey
Stanley Kubrick films at the Barbican
"All 12 feature films by the most maverick and iconic director of our time, accompanied by an exhibition inspired by and including materials from the Stanley Kubrick Archive."
~ Cheers Paul
I hear that tickets for the Beyond Knowledge conference in Liverpool are selling real quick - that's excellent news, gladdens the old heart it does. At last some people are realising that proper human interaction is far more rewarding than sitting on their arse in front of a computer screen. Real live conferences with real people, mingling and muckin' in - they offer so much more.


7th February

Long time visitors to this website, and people who have attended conferences I have spoken at, will know that I have a long history of contact with otherworldly beings; and they've left their 'calling cards' - as I show in my talks.
Over the years people have said to me 'Oh you must read this book, that book or watch this film etc'. One that always came up was 'Communion' by Whitley Strieber, a book that was made into a movie starring Christopher Walken. Whitley Strieber was already a best-selling author of sci-fi books before he wrote 'Communion'. Scoffers of course put Strieber's experiences down to his sci-fi interests - with their real intelligence AWOL they could not conceive that it just might be that his experiences inspired his stories. Anyway, without ever dwelling on why, I didn't look at or read 'abduction' accounts for years when unexpectedly my partner brought the video of 'Communion' home and we watched it together. (She had been a witness to, and so she was a part of, many of the frankly, sometimes terrifying incidents, that occured - she herself was launched through three walls and received an injection of something (that blistered severely) whilst attempting to prevent me being taken one night.)
Communion affected me like no other film I have ever seen. It was, for us, almost as surreal as the real thing - I was watching a dramatisation of things happening to someone else that were like a re-run of so much of what had happened to us. It shocked me beyond words.
There are people out there in the Truth seeking community who deride this so-called 'abduction' experience, there are debunkers, and there are those who know very well that it is all real whose job, whether wittingly or unwittingly, is to divert, suppress and intimidate. I have heard, and I'm sure every researcher has too, Whitley Strieber being called a liar, a charlatan, a government stooge blah! blah! Well, I am here to tell you there is too much that Whitley Strieber reports that matches my own experiences and so for me he's the real deal. What I also like about him is that he doesn't profess to know it all - to know anything, in fact. He (like I attempt to do) just relates his experiences and his feelings during, and about, them. Who they are and where they come from...he doesn't know. And neither do I.

I've just watched this, just bloody brilliant interview, with Whitley Strieber conducted by Dave Navarro (an interviewer who asks intelligent questions - and there aren't many of them).
Here's the link to Dave Navarro's show:
The interview with Whitley Strieber begins about 11.35 in.
Whitley Strieber's website is www.unknowncountry.com


5th February

Previous bannervid:
No Bravery

The Road to Ascension: Project Camelot interviews David Wilcock
I think Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy do some great work and put out some marvellous videos and I encourage everyone to watch them all. The following banner video is the first in a series of four that comprise an interview Project Camelot conducted with David Wilcock, who many think is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce - before he was with the Sunshine Band I think.

Like all things it is something to watch with your intuition fully in gear. I don't want to influence you but what I will say, for what it's worth, is that much (probably most) of it is extremely valuable yet... there are a few things that don't sit comfortable at all. Maybe it's me but here's a couple of things:

David is, according to people I know who know him, a genuinely nice guy but I've always had reservations about Cayce so consequently I have unconsciously distanced myself from his communications - I can't explain why it's just a feeling of aversion. Anyway Edgar Cayce said that he was the reincarnation of Ra-Ta, an Atlantean priest who designed the pyramids. Ra-Ta became known to later generations of Egyptians as the God Ra. Which immediately sets alarm-bells ringing for me because Ra is really Saturn, who is El, who is the Darkness

On the first video David Wilcock relates how he began automatic writing and discovered that part of his first feint and scribbled effort included the letters 't' and 'h' that also looked like 'RA'. I found this enlightening because 't' and 'h' together form the sigil for Saturn.

In the beginning I kept seeing David Wilcock with horns fading in and out on his forehead and once I confirmed to myself that I wasn't just seeing things he rapidly changed into the spitting image of this and back again. But hey, I'm the last one to condemn any species as all evil, especially reptilians - but it's best to be wary; and anyway, as I've said before beings that are able to transform their appearance are not necessarily what they present to be.
Watch the videos here

When you've watched these four videos have a shufty at Jumproom to Mars - another great Project Camelot video interview with David Wilcock - either it's a digital fault or there's a bit of shape-shifting and an interdimensional audience going on in here too.

That's the way I like it ~ KC & The Sunshine Band


4th February

Loving acts are all the sweeter when they harmonise with the power of the Goddess that surges along the arteries of our planet at this time. Do wonderful things today.

After several weeks I have now finished the hardback version of IN THESE SIGNS CONQUER right on cue and entirely appropriate for IMBOLC.
It'll be another week or two before I know if the cover's hunky-dory so best to wait till I know it's OK. Being a hardback it's a bit more dosh to produce and will come in at £22.99...but watch this space.

I will be speaking at
The Beyond Knowledge Conference
3rd & 4th May 2008, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Along with Michael Tsarion, Ian Crane, David Hatcher-Childress, Marcus Allen, Jerry E. Smith & Kenn Thomas
To find out more please visit the Beyond Knowledge website which has just been put up and is a work in progress.
It's Beltane and
it'll be a fantastic day


2 February

Imbolc is in 2 days time - just before noon (GMT) on Monday, 4th February, when the sun is at 15° Aquarius - ruled by Saturn and it's a 4-day and 16 date! It is very significant.

New site article:
Dark Skies:
City of Lights

Spirit Allies - Sychronicity, Signs and Omens

The Leylines of Nuremberg

Where are you man?

26th February

Grey wolves can be hunted again
Let's consider it if the hunter goes in one on one with no weapons.
Elephants are up for that too:
S Africa to allow elephant cull


Hi Jean, Nuh! No news about anywhere else here. Thanks for the items:
Bellfield facing three life sentences

More remains feared at Jersey care home
More child abuse, murders and disappearances linked to haunts of the rich and powerful - and the yachting crowd.


24th February

Sages of Aquarius


22nd February

Report from Saturn's Underpants
I'm on the road again and on the last day of Aquarius I landed at an hotel of the same name to attend the International UFO Conference in Nevada. Not quite the Age of Aquarius but...


19th February

Ice and Snow circles most recently in Sweden and Russia

New Link: The Norwegian Crop Circle Group

Crop Circles and Healing
Freddy Silva looks at the strong evidence of healing power in crop circles.

The mention of Salisbury Cathedral in this piece reminds me of something I've been meaning to mention for ages (See Cathedral says new rules mean permanent scaffolding 10th and 11th February below) - at least I don't think I've said about it before. Anyway, readers will know that I have been banging on about scaffolding and corrugated iron being intentionally (and surreptitiously) employed to manipulate and suppress the natural energy fields that weave across the planet (and most likely in space too). One can see from Freddy Silva's article how beneficient these energy streams focussed with the correct intent can be. Allied with the malign intent behind modern technological use of this natural energy they can also destroy psychological and physical health - and that's it, what I meant to mention. Our ancestors were acutely aware of the power of electromagnetic energy even though they didn't call it that. They called it (or aligned it) to fairies, ghosts, witches, demons their ways, means and paths etc And how did they ward off these terrors...with iron.
The scaffolding may be removed from many of the targeted energetic hubs (such as St Mary's Garsington) but I'm willing to wager that hidden within are other means of stifling or extinguishing the currents.

Following on from yesterday's item regarding the blatantly demonic agenda of Monsatano and the ghoul-lags that run Britain whereby they intend to unleash an armageddon on nature with their vile Frankensteinian concoctions of animal and plant hybrids. Jean has sent the following two items in (Thanks mate):
Seed saving
Seed saving is something we can all do to help safeguard our genetic heritage.

It is extremely unlikely that many of the current crop (haha) of farmers will refuse the kings shilling.

Saving older seed varieties may avert global disaster
'The Seeds of Diversity Program is actively seeking seeds your relatives, forbearers or acquaintances might have stored for generations'

Personally, I'd maybe send some and keep some back too. We don't want all our eggs in one basket do we!


18th February

Maybe it was the gentle nudge from a friend who wrote to say that even he was challenged by the crypticity of my mention of the latest shooting in the 'Land of the Free'...or maybe I'm shirking my responsibility, but I awoke in the early hours this morning being pressed to write this down:

DeKalb is 'blacked' reversed without the letter 'c'. Letter 'c' in alphabet symbology represents Venus - the planet and the Goddess. On this subliminal level the Goddess (imagination and intuition) is dispensed with - suggesting that this is an exaggerated ego at work attempting to reverse inevitability. The power of the Darkness is  diminishing.
Reversed, and capitalised, Illinois is Sion 4 (SION IIII) going into SION 5 - it is also Ill -i-noir depending on how one pronounces it; which stresses the black theme - and the black sun theme when you take 'i' to symbolise the abandoned (or arrogant) ego. 'Sion' although hijacked by a confused people who take it to mean the city of Jerusalem here on Earth is, in fact, a name for the central sun - Alcyon in Taurus, Al-cyon. Sion 4 suggests two things to me - one, the fourth sun (so probably the end of in this case) which 2012 refers to and two, Saturn, or its reign, even. Saturn, the Darkness is cornered.
DeKalb is an 8, as is Illinois - the dominant number for this year (See Predictions 2008) together they make the ever-present 16 (as highlighted by this site numerous times) - the same numerological total as the date of this atrocity.

Dekalb is also the new name for Monsanto's new UK seed-breeding programme.
That's nice isn't it? Not!

British GM crops may be held in secret, ministry says

'Hundreds of worlds' in Milky Way
"There may also be hundreds of undiscovered worlds in outer parts of our Solar System, astronomers believe."


17th February

Psychopathia Sexualis

The $60 Million Dollar Hit Job: Government To Use A Guided Missile To Kill Secret Astronaut

This is Rat-arse (sorry Ashtar) Command

In 1977 ITN News broadcasts in the south of England were hijacked by a signal that affected other television and radio transmissions. The signal carried a message from someone claiming to be one of the aliens of the Ashtar Command. To do this, and not get caught, especially in 1977 was no simple task. I think Mike Oram writes about it in his book, DOES IT RAIN IN OTHER DIMENSIONS. Bemused Plod (police) fell on several people across the south of England but nobody, as far as was made public anyway, was nicked for it. Most likely, it was a black-ops psychological experiment. Anyway here's the clip:

Zodiacal History

The White Hart

The Night of Broken Glass 2008

Saudi Arabia to execute woman for 'witchcraft'


15th February

Days after a white stag is spotted in Scotland another white male deer emerges from the mist. This magnificent creature, officially a 'white hart' because it is 5-years-old, has been seen in the New Forest in Dorset.
How the magical white hart inspires legends

(Thanks again to Ben Fairhall for the nod)

In the past months these portentious animals have been reported in four of the compass points of Albion - the West, the South-West, the North and the South, in the ancient kingdoms of Ynis Prydain - (modern equivalents) Wales, Cornwall/Devon, Scotland and England (Unless anyone can alert me to others). Five more to go. Two of them were taken out by Dark disciples: a white stag was run down by a car in the Forest of Dean (on the borders of Wales and England) before having its head taken and another, known as Snowy, was shot and butchered on a tree (was it an oak tree?), again having its head removed, in the Cornwall/Devon area. Highly symbolic incidents. The border areas are representative of portals between otherworlds and white stags and harts (as are some other white creatures such as white doves, rabbits, and buffalos).
White Harts are frequently depicted in heraldry and such with torcs around their necks. Torcs are circular (doughnut-like) neck and wrist ornaments which were worn by the original inhabitants of these Isles (and other places) - so reminiscent of the torus that they reveal the shamanic origins and associations of the wearer. And that's without including the (perhaps not so) homophonic star sign, Taurus (the bull) - the true astrological sign for Oxford, I suspect (because it wasn't named Oxford after of an ox-ford): Oxford's CofA

White deer are Goddess symbols, in fact all deer are Goddess symbols. (Mary) Magdalen College situated on the River Cherwell just outside the east wall of Oxford has a deer park. Just outside the north wall is a large church dedicated to St Giles, whose attribute is a deer. To the west and the south are, and were, public houses
called 'The white House'. (And let us keep for later, in the south, Oxford had its White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland - and the white hare).

I'll refrain from more comment on the latest shooting incident in Bla- ked, Ill -in-ois. I think the occult signature is so obvious by now and if people can't see it then let them sleep. The White Hart (or is it the white rabbit) says that time is almost up.


14th February

Here's a strange one: How did he do it? I think the girl's in on it.

On reflection I suspect that everyone there is in on it and that it is camera trickery.

Here's another astonishing vid. A 6-year-old (going on 6000-year-old) piano player

~ Thanks Julie


11th February

St Mary's unchained