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LIVING IN THE MATRIX ~ ANOTHER WAY: Numerology for a New Day by Ellis C. Taylor
DOGGED DAYS ~ The strange life and times of a child from eternity. Paranormal experiences with Extraterrestrials, Humans,& Beingsfrom other worlds and dimensions By Ellis c. Taylor
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The teeth are right and the head shape too.

Whoops! More academic certainty bites the dust:
New Analyses Of Dinosaur Growth May Wipe Out One-third Of Species
Several dinosaur species are really "different growth stages of previously named dinosaurs, according to a new study". (What nice smiley faces they give them.)

£4,350 per family to bail out Britain's banks
"Every family in the country is now facing a tax liability of £4,350 to prop up Britain’s banking system after Alistair Darling announced the biggest bail-out in history."

Creepy Carrey switches on Oxford Street Christmas lights
It's Samhain not Yule but the hoi-poloi won't notice. Chalk that up for part of the rite too.

London 2012 aerial pictures show Olympic Park's changing skyline
Very kind of the Telegraph to bring us 22 pictures of the bull.

Church of England squandered clergy pensions in 'reckless' stock market gamble

Somehow important I think - Gracie:
Jetstar malfunction link to Air France Atlantic crash
"A JETSTAR plane may have last week suffered the same malfunction that brought down an Air France jet over the Atlantic, killing all on board, five months ago.

Australia's air safety regulators - the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority - are probing similarities between both incidents.

At 1.30am on October 29 the pilot of the Jetstar Airbus 330-200 reported an instrument blackout as the jet carrying 200 passengers passed through storm clouds midway between Japan and the Gold Coast, the Herald Sun reports."

Like a who's Who of numbers there. Needs a 16 though. - Ellis

Here is an article which states that the NW pilots were on an Airbus A320:
Report: Stray jet's pilots were on laptops
"The pilots of the commercial jetliner that last week overshot its destination by about 150 miles have said they were using their laptops and lost track of time and location, federal safety officials said Monday.

The Airbus A320 was flying at 37,000 feet over the Denver, Colorado, area at 5:56 p.m. Wednesday when it last made radio contact, the safety board said."

5.56 - there it is 5 + 5 + 6 = 16.

"Northwest Flight 188 had departed San Diego en route to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport carrying 144 passengers.."

144 too. Certainly something going on Gracie.

Cross at Hendaye & 2012
Interpreting the Cross of Hendaye

Kellogg's claims sugary "Cocoa Crispies" cereal can boost your child's immunity (opinion)

2I don't know why this creeps me out but it does. The book he's holding has the date 24.3.1999 at the top (Start of the NATO bombing) but I can't read the rest; maybe it says "S#@k on this" in Albanian." - G
Bill Clinton unveils statue of himself in Kosovo

Rainbow in the dark: Bright Moon creates stunning arc at night
"a full lunar rainbow arcing over the countryside in Richmond, North Yorkshire."

I've just come across this blog...and I'm liking it:
The Big Study
Here's three stories from it:
Can A Nice Irish Girl Speak With The Spirits?
The story of medium Eileen Garrett's unplanned and 'closer understanding' with the captain of an airship.

Would The U.S. Intelligence Agencies Try To Turn A Nice Irish Girl Into A Weapon?
Eileen Garrett comes up trumps for Puharich.

Tis the Season: All Hallows Eve
"Our Halloween is of course a weird mixture of many things, but is based mostly on the Olde "cross-calendar" feast of Samhuinn. The "Celtic Calendar" cross feasts of Samhuinn, Belteinne, Lughnasadh, and Imbolc were at least as important as the Solstices and Equinoxes."

Matthew Delooze
'Breaking The Serpent's Spell'
Thursday 19th November 2009
The Ship and Mitre
133, Dale St,
L2 2JH


3rd November

"Look out Ted! He's going round the back":
Bannervid 1: Alien Encounter near Winchester, UK
What a great story. Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt - Britain's Betty and Barney. 33 years ago now. (I think Joyce might be a relation of mine.)
Bannervid 2: Matchstalk cats and dogs - Brian & Michael

Latest site article:
It's Time

More encounters for Joyce (and Ted).
The Silver Highwaymen

Here's another cracking account of an encounter in 1954 (55 years ago) by a lovely lady in Staffordshire, UK.
"Now I look back...and I think 'What an amazing thing to have happened...and for me to have seen it.'

Second chance for Large Hadron Collider to deliver universe's secrets
One year after £30m meltdown, 'God Machine' is ready to run again in Switzerland

Almost 4,000 retail banking jobs are to be cut by the Royal Bank of Scotland across the UK.

'Twin Towers' warship enters NY
As a correspomdent said, 'Is this the same metal that was hurried away from the site straightaway?' - after US AM Airlines are alleged to have hit them. They've had time to build another killing machine but none to get to the bottom of what really happened.

Here's another bubble right at the mirror of Beltane - just by chance you understand - when this little girl with a 7 o'clock EYE vanished:
New video released to help find Madeleine
Hands up the person who can see the acronym CEOP and not see Cheops.

Ex-KGB spy gunned down in Moscow on Monday
"Shabattai Kalmanovich, 60, [who] was killed by gunmen who fired at his Mercedes from a passing car... promoted concerts for stars including Michael Jackson and Liza Minnelli." Now there's two familiar names. Shabattai means Sabbath...or sabbat - which is what we're in - the Sabbat of Samhain.

Canadian's bid to sue US rejected
"Mr Arar is now seeking redress from the US, arguing that he was a victim of "extraordinary rendition", a process in which terrorism suspects are transferred to foreign countries for harsh interrogation. " (torture)

Pakistanis Ask Clinton: Aren't Drone Attacks Acts Of Terrorism, Too?

Beijing's First Snow Of Season 'Artificially Induced' By Seeding Clouds

Former Scientology members tell of group's efforts to track them downFlorida newspaper exposé reveals allegations of campaign to gather information on high-level defectors

I find this interesting for the TIME and number correspondences to recent articles of mine:
Dark Comet in 2012?

Councillor Adrian Hicks
"The Councillor knew that the right thing to do is to get his message out there and to inform people (not just the local people of Winchester) to exactly what is going on in specific Army bases all over the globe (including the unknown Army base 2 miles out of Winchester City, Hampshire)."

Man accidentally ejects himself from plane


2nd November

Autumn blows in with a vengeance
Heavy rain and high winds hit large areas of Britain

British nuclear expert's 17th floor UN death plunge 'was not suicide'
"A British nuclear expert who fell from the 17th floor of a United Nations building did not commit suicide and may have been hurled to his death, says a doctor who carried out a second post-mortem examination."

High Street banks to be broken up
"Chancellor Alistair Darling has confirmed that Lloyds, RBS and Northern Rock will be broken up and parts sold to new entrants to the banking sector."

I would strongly suggest that this is coded language for something far bigger: the destruction of the United Kingdom.

Lloyds, RBS and Northern Rock = Wales, Scotland and Ireland
- Ellis

Michelle Obama channels Catwoman for White House Halloween extravaganza
"But the Obamas are not the first to show a love for Halloween. President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara hosted a party for 500 children at the White House in 1989."

Two more scientists quit as drugs row grows
"Dr Les King resigned from the 21-member Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, saying Home Secretary Alan Johnson had denied Professor Nutt's right to "freedom of expression"."

Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa
"They have always been there. People noticed them before. But no one could remember who made them -- or why? Until just recently, no one even knew how many there were. Now they are everywhere -- thousands -- no, hundreds of thousands of them! And the story they tell is the most important story of humanity. But it's one we might not be prepared to hear."

UK unemployment 'to keep rising'
"Unemployment in the UK is set to hit 2.75 million by November next year as the economic recovery fails to boost the jobs market, research has claimed."

Psychic 'mind-reading' computer will show your thoughts on screen
"A mind-reading machine that can produce pictures of what a person is seeing or remembering has been developed by scientists.
The device studies patterns of brainwave activity and turns them into a moving image on a computer screen.
While the idea of a telepathy machine might sound like something from science fiction, the scientists say it could one day be used to solve crimes."


1st November

Bannervid 1: weezer- island in the sun

And here THEY are telling you precisely what I've been trying to tell you for the past God knows how long:

Why the long faces? London celebrates 1,000 days until 2012 Olympics with bizarre set of photographs (but no one looks happy about it)
"The Olympics celebrate the fastest, strongest and most agile men and women on earth.
So you might expect an exhibition marking 1,000 days until the start of the 2012 Games to reflect that dynamic spirit - or at least to refer to sport.
But instead the photographs of key figures behind the London Olympic bid could not be more static. Bosses, staff and former athletes such as Denise Lewis and Jonathan Edwards stand mannequin-like in empty offices and on building sites."

~ Thank you to Sa for noticing this perfect example of what I have been expecting:

"I just read this article in today's Daily Mail and nearly fell off my chair.

An exhibition to celebrate 1000 days until the Olympics, which just happens to hit the press on Halloween. Mmmmmmm. They all look frozen in 'time', robots, clones, mannequins, whatever really......it's very unsettling and odd. The first one, if indeed inspired by 'The Rock of Doom', seems to have been reversed or mirrored in the photograph, which would tie in with what you talk about in AYOTT, Ellis. So does this quote.... 'The portrayal of Denise also leads me to the Edward Burra painting 'Harlem'. Harlem, as in MJ's 'Apollo Legend'."

I'll tell you what I see:

This has been appended to It's Time


Features Archives for October 2009
A message at the start of the Features for the last 2 or 3 weeks:
Unless something remarkable happens the Samhain 2009 edition will be the last ever Features page on this website. Any new articles will be notified on this page and also by way of the newsletter. Thank you for your interest.
- All the best, Ellis.


Remember, remember, the
5th November

Bannervid 1: Percy Sledge - Warm And Tender Love

It's NON-fire night! Thousands forced to watch big-screen TV bonfire... after health and safety killjoys ban the real thing.

I have been asked by a reader whether I think the vicious viral outbreak in the Ukraine has anything to do with the spell that I've been highlighting for Halloween to Samhain this year in my articles: Michael X Mary & Joseph,
A Year of Tears & Tears and It's Time.
(Thanks btw to davidicke.com and Red Ice for publicising AYoT&T (no other big sites did) and no thanks to any of them for not alerting their readers to the other two articles which reveal what is really going down. I tried. I don't know what their problem is but their shoe-shuffling has contributed to the end of these Features pages.
Anyway back to what I was talking about:
Has the Ukraine (a 33) viral outbreak got something to do with the step-stone spells? Unequivocally, I say YES. Everything about it fits from the undercurrent, secretive nature of viruses, the 16th July Declaration of Sovereignty, the 29th October kick-off, St. Michael, Michael Jackson, Halloween and to the cryptic bad-finger poke at UK-rain. I've been hesitating to say this - because I don't want to cause fear, the very thing that I'm attempting to prevent through making people aware of how the occult world motivates ours: This is a spell, tears and tears, and though the victims at present are (and absolutely no disrespect or insensitivity intended) the poor voodoo-doll surrogates on the nuclear-saturated altar of Ukraine the country and the population that I suspect the Darkness has in its sights is the UK, and it may well come with the rain. Viruses take advantage of fear and low emotions. Now's the time for warriors, be confident, be bold and shield yourself against what may come via chemtrails etc and take sensible precautions with the water you use.
If I'm wrong I'm wrong - and I hope that I am - but I'd rather that than be right and to not have said anything.

Ukraine virus mystery deepens
Reported Cases in Ukraine Double in Two Days

Also on 29th October Ukraine releases UFO national archive

Ukraine’s most celebrated clock tower

...and another aspect to this decoding is a suggestion that something is in the wind, and on the way, regarding British and Commonwealth royal succession.

CIA agents jailed over cleric kidnap
"A judge in Italy has sentenced 23 American CIA agents and two Italian secret agents to jail over the kidnapping of a Muslim cleric in 2003."

Dead microbiologists, scalar biowarfare
The video taken from ABC News (Fall Equinox edition), of the daughters discussing their father's strange death, behaves very strangely itself.
1.45 - 1.46 and 2.13 - 2.22.

Profit is not satanic, says High Priest of Mammon

John Pilger awarded Sydney Peace Prize
"The winner of this year's Sydney Peace Prize, John Pilger, has labelled the Federal Government's asylum-seeker policy "illegal and immoral"."
- Thanks, Julie

A giant model of the Transformers character Bumblebee floats on Sydney Harbour in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on November 5, 2009, for the release on DVD of 'Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen'.

It's in the right place, and at the right time and alludes to the right subjects - Ellis

Robbie confirms Take That reunion
He don't look good again

How blatant is this? A message directly  from the universe I'd say - Gracie:
Melbourne Cup video

Shocking... Crime Scene... Fishy
First 3 in the Melbourne Cup
(The 3rd horse was Marillion - but those who know their rock will get it.)
Clock the course ads too. - Ellis

Here's a few from Marillion:
Script For A Jester's Tear

Treasure hunter found £1m haul on first outing
"An amateur treasure hunter discovered a hoard of Iron Age gold worth more than £1 million on his first outing with a metal detector."


4th November

'I will see his spirit' says witchdoctor on search for cop
"Arnhem Land-based tracker and witchdoctor Victor Huddleston and his son Victor Nathaniel Huddleston have arrived in Queensland and today will begin searching bushland around Ravenswood, where Senior Sergeant Isles' abandoned car was found in late September." (Spring Equinox)

4 True Stories of Alien Abduction

Within yards of Buckingham Palace... the day London played host to a Nazi funeral

'That Greek twit and his Kraut wife': Queen joke plunges BBC into fresh controversy

Talking about Nazis coming -
Czech president signs EU Lisbon Treaty
Back to the North Pole for him.

T. rex's Oldest Relative Discovered
"The latest discovery involves a skull, measuring just 11 inches (30 cm) long, that was dug up during an excavation near Minchinhampton in Gloucestershire, England."

It seems very likely to me, considering the presence of a large number of barrows etc here and the 'undisturbed' land, that this is a portal area. Minchinhampton is near Princess Anne's pile. Also close by is the toxic former RAF airfield of Aston Down that is feared to be seeping its brew into the local water supply. Reptilians like radium.

6th November
Gunpowder, treason and plot:

Samhain. A 16 date (5+11). 39-years-old. Undercover and secret - Hood. Malik is the same as Moloch and means 'king' - MJ.
Army: 12 dead, 31 hurt in attack at Fort Hood
See the latest Site article:
It's time

The Federal Reserve note will fall to 0.03 cents by January

Feds: 14 charged in insider trading case
"Two attorneys and Wall Street professionals were among 14 people charged Thursday in a widening $53 million insider trading case that has snared one of America's richest men and shown white collar suspects to be using the cover-up tactics of drug dealers."
~ Thanks Gracie

UFOs: What Is Believed?

The Final Mayan calendar steps to 2012:
November 8, 2009 – the beginning of the Sixth NIGHT

2010 Harmonic Convergence

Green Chi: Prophecies and a Shifting Earth

Judges will no longer have to declare if they are freemasons, Straw says
The rule requiring them to do so was brought in 11 years ago to ease public concern over possible corruption.
It was originally feared judges who were members of the Order may be inclined to do favours for fellow 'brothers'.

'Creepy gnome' back on prowl
"A new sighting of South America's 'creepy gnome' has caused panic among locals after a group of youngsters claimed a 'midget monster' ran towards them at night."

A Gnome By Any Other Name

If you've read DOGGED DAYS then you'll have read my account of the time I met a gnome in a small Lake District copse. True story.


Thanks Julie

Unfortunately the predicted terrors for Halloween-Samhain continue.

From something I wrote on the 18th August Features Page
about the 'Thrill the World' event:
"The energy of the participants will be used to rip open the portal - 16 days after NASA rips open the moon on the 9th. Millions could come through. Anyone who knows about real magic and dimensional interaction will recognise what I'm saying.
I have never been more serious. You have been warned."

One Dead, Five Injured in Orlando High-Rise Shooting; Gunman Caught

(This incident occured 11 (THE portal number) days after 'Thrill the World' but don't blame the organisers this spell was induced and motivated from the Dark place.)

Brief notes on the latest atrocity:
For a start the name 'Orlando' has always conjured up the suggestion of 'otherworlds' to me and in a way it does mean that - Land of gold, famous land - Shining Land. 'Shining Land' is a term for the inbetween worlds, lands of  the Elves (shining people), fairies,etc, and the place where souls make ready to incarnate. 'Shining Land' is used as a metaphor for the star Alcyon, our central sun, the physical symbol of Heaven see IN THESE SIGNS CONQUER. This is a Dark assault on that beautiful ideal. *

"Firefighters were called to Gateway Center at 1000 Legion Place around
11:30 a.m."

I refer you to the above excerpt from my Features page:
"Millions could come through."

1000 Legions means millions. Notice the name of the Centre - 'Gateway'. I refer you to 'Al Cyon' above as well.
"Millions could come through (the Gateway)."

"All of the patients were transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center and ORMC said some of the patients are critical."

When you take out the Aquarian letter of light - M - one is left with Orc. (Please see Orcs and Orbs). The statement now reads that the victims were delivered to the orcs. 'M' is for Mary and the two main rivers of Florida are the Masonic St. John and St Mary.

"Former employee Jason Rodriguez, 40, was identified by authorities with the Orlando Police Department as a suspect in the shooting."

Jason gives Jah-sun. Please see It's Time.
Rodriguez is a sephardic Jewish name, which means sadly that prejudiced web-hawks will be all over this with all sorts of mal-informed theories and accusations towards other human beings. He is in fact 39-years-old. AyoT&T

Something else, to do with this, that I didn't know about at the time (I discovered this when reading Carl Calleman's prediction for Samhain the other day) is that one of the two dates that I predicted for a Time Rip just happens to be the Eve of the Cosmic Convergence - 16th July 2010. That's 22 years after Michael Jackson and Diana's portentous meeting at Wembley. (BTW Florida is the 22nd biggest State in the USA.) This infrasonic or supersonic type event is predicted to be a seriously powerful one even though hardly any details about it exists away from Mr Calleman's website. I've now added this information, and more, to A Year of Tears & Tears. Thank you Carl - and Gracie for passing the article along to me.

* Yes Alcyone does give Al Cyon, it means 'the Centre', our heart centre, a vision of love and peace. From the word 'Cyon' came 'Zion', a name with roots so ancient that many have forgotten what it means to them. I won't go into it here but I will say that when you denegrate Zion you disparage your mother. Please take a moment from the throng and research this for yourself before you're led down the garden path further. The name 'Zion' has been captured, turned and pinned on Jerusalem, which in right to left writing brings Noiz and that sinisterly directed spell has been sent to scar Jerusalem. Jerusalem is not that festering, demonically possessed scab in the Middle East although that name reflects that in a real sense, it is in truth humanity's long ago, one-time home.

Samhain-tide lasts for a month. This year it began on 23rd/24th October. It's conclusion is on 22nd/23rd November - depending upon where you are at approx. 4.06 GMT. (Yes it was the last day of Samhain that JFK was killed.) At this point this year the moon will move into Aquarius. The Crone Moon (Last Quarter phase for this Samahain will be on the 9th November 9 -11-2009 i.e. 9-11-11 (11-9-11 in the States). This year the last day of Scorpio/Eve of Sagittarius is 22-11-2009, numerologically: 22-11-11, totalling 44. Saturn will be at another formidable numeric frequency: 2.16 Leo. Powerful energy, you'll have read of them in A Year of Tears & Tears, It's Time and in several other articles on this website.

Notice the double triangle shape of the Orlando building. Plus twin tower symbology?

Mortgage-fraud sting nets dozens in Orlando area
~ Thanks Gracie

The biggest incidents to bubble through to the consciousness of humanity have occured outside the UK so far. For the integrity of this spell there will have to be incidents that are focussed on the UK, more especially that shepherd people's minds to the environs of London, more particulary the Greenwich area. Here's one that's closer:

And SkyTV chooses to do this on Samhain climax:
'Michael Jackson is furious he's not buried next to Marilyn Monroe', claims medium on live TV seance
~ Thanks Mick

...and my thanks go to Mick for sending me this terrific video and prose:


O for a voice like thunder, and a tongue
To drown the throat of war! When the senses
Are shaken, and the soul is driven to madness,
Who can stand? When the souls of the oppressèd
Fight in the troubled air that rages, who can stand?
When the whirlwind of fury comes from the
Throne of God, when the frowns of his countenance
Drive the nations together, who can stand?
When Sin claps his broad wings over the battle,
And sails rejoicing in the flood of Death;
When souls are torn to everlasting fire,
And fiends of Hell rejoice upon the slain,
O who can stand? O who hath causèd this?
O who can answer at the throne of God?
The Kings and Nobles of the Land have done it!
Hear it not, Heaven, thy Ministers have done it!

Thank you Mick.
7th November

Bannervid 1: I don't want to talk about it - Rod Stewart
Bannervid 2: Steal Away - The Fureys

Well, there's been no fairy godmother, no mystery backer and one donation since I put the link up on this page about 3 weeks ago. (Thank you Sa.) However I have had very many thanks and well wishes and I am heartened by that. But the reality of physical survival means that with deep sadness and regret I must rearrange my priorities and therefore I have to confirm that after an almost unbroken run of 9 years that this is the very last Features/Headlines news page.

My writing, as you know, is driven by inspiration so I can never guarantee new articles but what I can say is that I do intend to continue writing them. It may be though that the course of my communications will move in other directions, more books being one of them.
Any new articles and updates will be notified by way of my newsletters and I will also put notes on this page. If you want to receive the newsletters then please subscribe via the button on the left-hand side of this page.

Thank you to everyone who has assisted me with items for the Features and to all that have made this page a regular port of call. It's been a gas.

- Ellis