Breaking through the walls of illusion

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Demons from Hyperspace
The mechanics of magic

by Brian Allan

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‘The devil and his demons can, according to the literature, manifest themselves in almost any form and can physically imitate anything from angels to horrifying monsters with glowing eyes. Strange objects and entities materialise and dematerialise in these stories, just as the UFO’s and their splendid occupants appear and disappear, walk through walls and other supernatural feats’ [John Keel, ‘UFO’s, Operation Trojan Horse’, p.192].
At first sight the title of this article reads like an example of bad science fiction cinema from the 1950’s, but the reality is perhaps closer to the truth than one might imagine. Some of the concepts are not easy to embrace and this is not surprising because in order to do so, the reader must be prepared to accept possibilities that might conflict with their personal world view. However, there is one thing that might make the paradigm shift easier. If the reader already unquestioningly accepts the existence of a God and therefore Jesus Christ, and accepts that the acts and miracles of God, Christ and the saints are in essence magic, then what follows is little different. From the outset we should be prepared to accept that both UFO’s and their occupants do not necessarily originate from other star systems or galaxies, or at least, not in the accepted sense of vehicles traversing the gulfs of interstellar space. Likewise we should also be prepared to accept that these ‘machines’ if that is what they are, and the ‘beings’ they contain, might not be real in any meaningful sense. In fact the entire enigma may hinge on how we interpret reality, for there may be more than one reality and each one may be slightly different depending on how one perceives it.

Reality Bites

Our standard perception of reality is that it exists in the form of a tangible object or thing, like, for example, a steel ingot, which has mass, is solid and therefore ‘real’. The material forming the ingot, which is of course energy, exists at a specific frequency and we exist at the same frequency therefore we perceive it as solid and not as the swirling mass of sub-atomic particles that it actually is. However, under the influence of hallucinogenic substances or perception altering techniques, that same reality may be viewed in a different, non-physical manner and the same may be true of our perception of what we call ‘the supernatural’. Likewise, what we actually see with our eyes and recognise as a solid object (e.g. our ubiquitous steel ingot) does not exist in this manner once it is in memory.

Rather, its shape and mass is reduced to a collection of stored electrical signals with which we create our internal world model. Perhaps this is one of the great ironies of our materialist world, a ‘solid’ object that consists of energy, once observed, is both stored and retrieved as energy and as we have seen this is the nature of reality. If this is true, and what we see, smell, touch and feel is achieved through a series of electrical analogues that can vary with the individual, then it may indeed be possible to re-arrange and alter the physical world by the application of will. Perhaps the best method of understanding the flimsiness of reality and how fluid it is comes from an observation made by the late philosopher and author Alan Watts (1915-1973), who said, ‘Reality is a Rorschach ink blot’. Although he encapsulated the entire concept in six words, as we have seen, the possibilities are endless and bounded only by the imagination. I make no apology for dwelling on this subject because it is absolutely fundamental to appreciating what magic is and how it functions.

The Method

For millennia we have been visited by entities that have no natural home here on this plane, they are the demons and
devils of old. Those that did not come here, for whatever reason, by themselves, have been deliberately invoked by people who breached the thin, invisible curtain separating the dimensions without fully understanding how they achieved it. One of the first recorded accounts of contact with beings produced by rituals and for want of a better word, ‘magic’, comes from the chronicles of the Elizabethan alchemist and magician, Dr. John Dee. According to these records, Dee along with his ‘scryer’ or clairvoyant Edward Kelley, encountered ‘little men’ who travelled around in ‘A little fiery cloud’. The contact allegedly achieved by Dee was attributed to the use of ‘Enochian’; a cabalistic language that he created and claimed was the language used by angels.

It should be understood that the use of the term, angels, is misleading, since the beings encountered by Dee and Kelley, were not necessarily emissaries of God. The actual contact with these beings allegedly came through the efforts of Kelley and not Dee, they were first seen by Kelley while ‘scrying’ using a multi faceted, crystal ‘trapezohedron’ rather than a traditional spherical crystal ball. The reference to angels might be a misunderstanding and may actually mean ‘angles’ and the entities they
encountered may originate from alternate dimensions made visible using the odd refractive and reflective geometric properties of Kelley’s artefact. Those who, like Dee and Kelley, achieved this feat were convinced that they had unlocked the very gates to hell and cowered within pentagrams of protection while their ‘visitors’ were present. Having said that, it should be understood that given the alleged magical abilities displayed by the beings they produced, they might as well have emerged from hell. Quoting freely from an observation made by the astronomer, author and visionary Arthur C Clarke, the effects of the technology used by such entities is indistinguishable from magic. However, in spite of the perceived risks, the potential rewards offered by using the powers and abilities of the entities far outweighed any danger.

Given the sketchy information, whether the experiments of Dee and Kelley actually succeeded in opening a doorway into another dimension is open to question, but at the turn of the nineteenth century, one of the few places where this may actually have been successfully achieved was at Boleskine Lodge on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland. It was here that another self-proclaimed magician, Aleister Crowley, operated the ancient ‘Abra Melin’ ritual and allegedly opened a portal in the fabric of space-time and brought through a host of entities into this continuum. The claimed ‘reward’ for the successful operation of this ritual, the purpose of which was to turn a number of demonic entities to God, was the appearance of the practitioners’ guardian angel.

Aleister Crowley
The story goes that during the ceremonies, Crowley sprinkled fine sand on the terrace overlooking the loch to determine whether the entities were present or not. He reasoned that although they were invisible, he would be able to see their movements in the sand as they moved around the terrace. Existing accounts report that even on the calmest of
days both Crowley and his assistants frequently saw the sand shuffle around under the steps of invisible beings. It is also said that during the ritual, which incidentally lasted around six months, the lights within the house were permanently left on even during the daylight hours because of the unnatural darkness permeating the building. Whether all this was entirely effective is open to debate, but it is certain that Crowley was absolutely sure of his own abilities as a magician and from existing accounts he may indeed have been successful in his endeavours. There are still persistent rumours of frightening, half seen ‘things’ in the woods and hills surrounding Boleskine House and Loch Ness that just might be some of the entities that escaped from his thrall.
Crowley is also credited with undertaking the ‘Amalantrah Working’ during which he contacted an inter-dimensional entity called ‘Lam’. He later made a drawing of this being and it shows what is clearly a ‘grey’ alien, which, if accurate, appears to corroborate current thinking on the origin of both supernatural entities and extraterrestrials, but we shall return to this later. During the ritual Crowley made use of Dee’s Enochian language, and in fact called the beings he encountered during this ritual ‘Enochian entities’. It is probably significant that during this particular ceremony Crowley used a variety of substances including cannabis and mescaline to produce the desired effects. This parallels the type of natural psychoactive chemicals used by shamans to take them on spiritual quests to consult with the entities dwelling in these altered states of being and awareness.

In spite of his reputation and notoriety, Crowley was not the only magician attempting to open the doorway to other realities.
For example, during the 1940’s Jack Parsons, who was one of the founders of the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), in Pasadena California, while working with L. Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology, performed the so called ‘Babylon Working’, (which incidentally was also designed by Crowley,) and deliberately introduced more ‘entities’ into this world. In this instance, entities, known as the ‘Old Ones’, were brought through a dimensional gateway that had been sealed in antiquity to prevent them accessing our space/time continuum. The legends surrounding these beings strongly suggest that aeons ago, when they were here, they wrought horrific destruction but were eventually overcome and banished by other forces less inimical to humanity. However, another school of thought suggests that these entities may not have deliberately sought to harm mankind and any suffering was entirely incidental to their designs. Indeed they might even consider our planet as their own and humanity as vermin to be removed with no more thought than we would give to mice. While, once again, the veracity or otherwise of these claims is almost impossible to determine but if they, like Crowley, (whom incidentally they both knew) did actually succeed, then it is of great importance to discover the mechanics of how it was achieved.
Perhaps one method was discovered quite recently (during the 1990’s) and appears to come from work carried out by the Scole Group, who were told via a series of séances that humanity as a species is constantly threatened by encroaching entities inhabiting continuums existing alongside our own. Once again it is vital to realise that movement between dimensions is not at all straightforward and although they are all quite distinct they are guarded by various states of energy existing at different frequencies. Although the barriers are both invisible and intangible, because of their nature they might as well be made of ferro-concrete ten miles thick. The revelations of the Scole researchers also indicate that we are surrounded by these normally inaccessible dimensions, some are relatively benign and some are not and it is to one of these realms that we travel when we eventually die. While our consciousness journeys there naturally, the method used to pass through the dimensional barriers at will requires technology, not magic, not a spell hidden in some dusty, cobwebbed grimoire, but technology.

The Mechanism

To do this we must strip away the theatricality associated with traditional ceremonial magic and instead examine the words and intent of those conducting the ceremony. The clothing and accoutrements have no effect whatsoever on the efficacy of a spell and serve another purpose, the end result lies entirely in the skill of the magician, who, as we will see is actually more akin to a scientist that a mystic. What we must do is look at the possibility that magic per se and some of the props used in the rituals might actually serve as focal points for consciousness and will. It is also likely that the chants and incantations used in spells are effective, again not because of the content, but instead because of the sounds themselves. The use of potions in magical ceremonies may have some herbal or medicinal value, but more importantly, as with shamans, provide a means of producing altered states of consciousness.

Except for one or two items, the variety of bits and pieces added to traditional magical brews, aside from putting the person swallowing the stuff at risk of poisoning, were largely valueless. It is only on examination that one can determine the active ingredients, e.g. the bark of certain trees like the Willow contains one of the precursors for the common drug aspirin and the addition of certain fungi would produce hallucinogenic effects as would the skin of a species of toad. In addition, rhythmic chanting is also an adjunct to achieving altered states, and once the celebrant had achieved the desired state (and the consequent release of consciousness) then he (or she) could begin the process of making magic. The wording and intonation of the spells and incantations is a slightly different matter, and may directly interface with the fundamental truths of frequency and resonance.

Once again, if we can accept that all reality, whether subjective or not, is constructed within the electromagnetic spectrum and is therefore frequency, then the frequencies generated by the words might actually interact directly with and alter reality at the subatomic level. Before leaving this we should consider one thing, the reason behind the attempts made by Dee, Crowley, Parsons, Hubbard and all the rest was not mere curiosity, but almost certainly a quest for knowledge and power. It is certain that there is little altruism behind attempts to conjure extradimensional beings, but instead there are usually four possibilities, knowledge, money and power in any combination. Perhaps it might also be fair to reduce these three points to one; knowledge, for as most people realise, knowledge IS power. This is regrettable but understandable, for rather than acting in the spirit of pure research these practitioners showed their only too fallible humanity, which was of course their ultimate undoing.

It is from accounts like these that one might reasonably conclude that there is a pattern in magic, ritual or otherwise, connecting sorcery to UFO’s and their occupants. Careful research reveals that not only do the majority of those who regularly encounter both UFO’s and ET entities also have a history of psychic occurrences, but the ability tends to run in families. This is best illustrated by the gift of the ‘second sight’ (clairvoyance) traditionally passed on from mother to daughter. In fact it might be reasonable to go further and suggest that modern day Ufologists and experiencers might have studied Demonology and alchemy had they lived in earlier times.

Is Chaos Magic the Key?

While the process of ritual magic is traditional and ordered, modern day thinking on the effectiveness of the magical process has embraced another technique, ‘Chaos Magic’, and it is this particular style of magic that may even have real, scientific credibility. One of the chief axioms of chaos magic is ‘Fake it till you make it’, in other words absolute belief in something that does not exist or has not yet happened can and will make it occur. Belief is a tool that will sculpt reality into whatever you want it to be, the rather alarming problem here is the possibility that nothing is true because nothing is static. This is demonstrated in the famous ‘butterfly analogy’ which suggests that the flapping of a butterfly's wings in China could cause minute atmospheric changes which over a period of time could effect weather patterns in New York and it is from this base that chaos magic allegedly functions. One magician of the 20th century who had considerable influence of the traditions of chaos magic was the late Austin Osman Spare who introduced the use of ‘sigils’ into the process.

Austin Osman Spare
The sigil is, in effect, a condensed spell or expression of intent which is produced by writing down the desired effect or wish as a sentence on a piece of paper then gradually whittling it down. After concentrating and meditating on the words, the magician then re-writes it with the vowels removed, then with any repeating letter deleted. The remaining letters may then be formed either into an anagram or perhaps into a design, which is finally condensed further into another figure containing the essence of the original. It short, the purpose of the exercise is the creation of a figure of potency representing the desire. Finally, the magician deliberately invokes an altered state of awareness, but there is no set method to achieve it, drumming,
chanting, hyperventilating, continuous rhythmic movement, or even hallucinogens are all effective. It the case of Austin Osman Spare, he literally danced himself to exhaustion then adopted a physical stance bordering on an extreme yoga posture until the desired state was reached. In fact it does not matter what method is used, but as with all attempts to alter perception it is the end result that is important, not the method, although for purists the use of chemicals is frowned upon.
During the process of entering the altered state of consciousness, the magician concentrates on the sigil and not on the wish, for effectively the two are now one. He should make the sigil stand out like an incandescent beacon burned into the screen of his minds eye and enter the altered state in this fashion. The rationale behind the technique is to banish the memory of the desire from his conscious mind and allow his unconscious to relay it into the invisible world that surrounds us. It is vital to the success of the fulfilment of the spell that the magician should have no conscious memory of it. As we shall see, it is the partitioning off and release of the spell and it’s consignment to the void that touches on particle physics and contains the greatest element of risk.

Another analogy is the often-quoted proposition that any serious investigation or demonstration of paranormal phenomena can be completely sabotaged by the negative presence of a debunker. Because of their own prejudices, at heart, debunkers do not want positive demonstrations to succeed; therefore they will inadvertently prevent it. In other words, the tiniest change in the all-pervasive energy field that surrounds us can have an effect, both positive and negative, on reality. The debunker is therefore inadvertently operating his own brand of chaos magic. This seems to suggest that prayers might work in exactly the same manner, since it has been observed that when someone is prayed for, usually in the case of illness, that person has a greater likelihood of recovery in a shorter time that someone with the same condition who is not prayed for. This is particularly impressive when the person who has been prayed for has no prior knowledge of it but gets better anyway. The faithful will attribute this to the intercession of an Almighty God, but instead it is achieved by will alone, by changing the balance of probability. Not surprisingly, the more people who pray, the greater the chance of success, does this imply that prayer is a form of Chaos Magic?

As I suggested earlier there is already one branch of science that appears to corroborate some of the claims of magicians and that is Quantum Theory. This discipline demonstrates that at a subatomic level it is possible for a human being to directly affect the behaviour of particles, and furthermore, the very presence of an observer can affect the outcome of an experiment depending whether he actually watches it happen or not. This then is how Chaos Magic functions and depending on the practitioner and their ability the results can be spectacular. However, as with the unforeseen consequences of the butterfly’s wing beats, once the magician has released the spell into his subconscious he loses all control over it, which demonstrates the latent danger inherent in the practise of these arts.

Sympathy for the Devil?

Yet another branch of sorcery is ‘Sympathetic Magic’ which in effect attempts to blend (or impose) the characteristics of one object with another and it could be argued that this is another form of Chaos Magic. This is demonstrated in a number of ways viz. by ‘poppetry’ and ‘transference’. In the case of transference, the traditional method was to tie a ribbon or small piece of cloth to a ‘holy tree’, usually located beside a ‘healing well’. The ribbon or cloth was assumed to have taken the medical condition of the sufferer into its substance and the magical properties in the tree or well would effect a cure that would be transferred to the person. On the other hand, poppetry was the construction of a small doll or figure, sometimes containing something from the person it was intended to represent, this was usually a lock of hair or perhaps a fingernail. With the aid of a suitable incantation, the doll would take the illness away from the person afflicted. In a more sinister guise, sticking with pins or burning to deliberately harm the figure would transfer the damage to the intended victim in the same manner, as with prayer, the person was frequently affected whether they were aware of the spell or not. Even today in the secular world it is still considered bad luck or inappropriate to burn photographs of people in case the destruction of the image causes the person misfortune.

Dwellers in the Dark
If the barriers are as intangible as we think and if a suitable method can be found to allow passage between them what might actually live there? It has been suggested that what we now define as extraterrestrials (ET’s) are the creatures that terrified our forbears as demons and devils. It is fair to comment that the descriptions of the demons, imps and angels of antiquity are totally interchangeable with modern ET’s, the only difference between us and our ancestors is a relatively greater degree of acceptance about what these things are. Although we should know better, sadly, there is still a marked degree of superstition enmeshed with the superficial gloss of
sophistication and it seems that there is also a culture of denial relating to anything that smacks of the paranormal or the supernatural.

The culture of denial stems for the traditional manner in which science approaches the subject, in fact, science appears to be set against itself in internecine warfare. There are the ‘traditional’ scientists whose training leaves them no choice other than outright rejection of concepts that appear to deny their Newtonian principles and this includes quantum physics. On the other hand, the majority of quantum physicists whose chosen discipline points the way to understanding the enigmas of paranormal research, by inclination refuse to accept the implications of their own conclusions. On one hand they can accept the near impossibility of time travel, (Albert Einstein’s theorems demonstrate as much) yet they cannot accept that we are surrounded by invisible entities and beings that inhabit the dimensions their equations tell them are there. If the hints that particle physics provide are to be believed, these may ultimately be the ultimate key, the true ‘Seal of Solomon’ required to open the barriers between dimensions and allow ‘magic’ to function.


If one thing becomes clear from this, it is the fact that we and everything around us interact at the most basic and fundamental level of all and it should be no surprise that we are affected by the moods and whims of both people and the environment. The teachings of Eastern religion have recognised this from the beginning and the Buddhist concept that ‘all is one’ rings particularly true. Another truth that becomes apparent the more one studies the phenomenon is the ultimate similarity between all the diverse methods of magic. Like religion, (which, in spite of clerical refutation is magic by any other name) individual magical processes each proclaim themselves to be the ultimate method and guarantee of success, when in fact they are all basically they same. They all work to a greater or lesser degree and for the same reason, the only difference, as with religion, is in the packaging. However, at the end of the day, perhaps it is we who are the real ‘Dwellers in the Dark’, throwbacks to the savages who hid in caves from thunder and lighting, and it is the entities that surround us that are the enlightened ones.

© Brian Allan 2004


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